Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Hearthstone: Forgotten Bosses, and Great Nerf

It has been awhile since Naxxramas was released, and I am yet to defeat all of the bosses on the Heroic difficulty. I am glad I can say I have beaten two out of the five remaining in the past week. Kel'Thuzad, and Four Horsemen are done, history, caput. I have to say that these remaining bosses will take some additional time, because currently I am having a rather bad spell in Hearthstone, no matter how or with what deck I play, I lose more than I win. It is rather depressing to be honest, and it keeps my time spent on Hearthstone on bare minimum. I even started toying with the idea that I should check out how things are going in the Arena.

Kel'Thuzad was stubborn, but eventually he fell. I was quite happy I managed to defeat the undead lich with a Paladin deck. It took couple of tries, and I was about to eat myself because of some stupid misplay I did on several occasions, but in the end the damned thing died for good. Still, no phylactery was found so we can expect eventual comeback. I just hope I will not have to face it myself.

The Four Horsemen on the other hand were simply said a trial in patience. Still it was a better trial than all the other decks, so I decided to just soldier it through and be done with it. Eventually the smarter of the two gave up, and I was victorious with a Priest deck. I think at this point is well established that the heroic fights are stacked against you, and that rare few sadists will ever return to them after they defeat the boss. Some might, but I sure will not be one of them. When you play against the Horsemen, remember that even silenced Horsemen, is still a Horseman. It is preferable if you leave one of the three on the board and just silence the damned thing. Still, you need to do it early, or it will be too late.

This leaves me with Heigan, Gothik, and Loatheb. Not much of a company, but I hazard once I beat them at their own game, we will never see each other ever again. Good times will be had.

In other news, Rogues and Hunters are finally getting a nerf unlike anything we have seen before. The cards affected are Leeroy Jenkins, and Starving Buzzard. Leeroy will now cost one more mana, that is five, and Starving Buzzard will not be a 2/1 for 2 but instead 3/2 for 5. And life is good. No more Rogues fooling around with Shadowsteps, and killing you in one turn after they were about to die. No more Hunters pulling a miracle boards out of their ass with the amount of draw they got from Buzzard.

These changes are basically focused on the interesting gameplay. And while I perfectly understand the appeal of fast game that can be decided in one turn, I find it cruel and tasteless. Not that the feelings ever had to do much with anything, but I am glad to see the end of 18 damage Shadowstep/Leeroy combo. It was driving me crazy. I saw this too many times, not to be happy about it. Now if only we could convince Blizzard to up the cost on Mind Control to 11 and I will be happy...

Also, I finally got a first Legendary, Nat Pagle, from a pack of cards after four whole months of nothing. I do not count the Naxxramas Legendaries, as those were essentially welfare epics of sorts. You payed for them, and you got them, no element of randomness involved. I was starting to think they ran out of Legendaries considering how many packs I opened, and got nothing but one rare and four commons. Dark times indeed. Currently Nat Pagle found his place in my Mage deck that was in real need of readjusting after the whole Naxxramas came out. The old deck was great, but after the Naxxramas it felt like it was done.

At that pace, I might get the heroic Hearthstone card back by Christmas, it is not like I am in a hurry, and there are currently over twenty million players to defeat in the meanwhile.


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