Sunday, 8 June 2014

Prodigial Son of Warcraft

Flying. These days Blizzard treats it as a grave mistake they did once in their past, at that time when they were not really themselves, and now this one mistake continues to bother them, as they try and live in their own way. It continues to surprise me, how part of the community is so accepting of Blizzard potentially just disregarding flying. What did flying ever do wrong? Nothing! Why should we distance ourselves from flying just because Blizzard feels ashamed of it? Why cannot Blizzard accept flying for what it is, and make use of it?

I will admit that flying can at times, and certainly now, be one of more mischievous, rebellious children Warcraft franchise has given birth to. Unlike most of the other ideas that seem to function just fine on their own, and follow the general plan Father Blizzard, and Mother Warcraft laid down for them, flying continues to rebel. Flying does things in its own way. What kind of a parent pulls a child down instead of supporting him and making him flourish, thrive even? A bad parent.

Enough of that nonsensical shame! Flying is not at fault if people want to "skip content" (content in this regard  meaning not killing a bunch of mobs because they are of no use). This is one of the worst excuses I have ever come across. Just because one is a vegetarian, he should not be able to force the rest of us not to eat meat. If he dislikes meat, fine, leave it at that and be done with it. Not like the rest of us who eat meat would force him to do the same. He can continue to not eat meat, while we continue to eat it. Problem solved.

Even Dante knew that children should not be accountable for the sins of their fathers. So why do we then hold flying responsible for something that is not its fault? Why is flying guilty of its own existence? Blizzard should focus on incorporating flying as an integral part of the game, not shying away from it. They should find a way to make flying work. They should find a way that is more than simple: "you don't get to fly because we're lazy." excuse.

Blizzard should take the responsibility. If something is not working as intended, you don't throw it away. That is redundant, unacceptable, and wasteful. It works in capitalism because we are materialists through and through. But ideas have some value in comparison to common goods. If something does not work, you fix it, you work on it, until it does. And if that something is child of your brain, you do not shove it away just because it did not turn out as you expected. It is on you, as a parent to shape it up into an exemplary individual that will support your grand design.

I hate it when people treat good and useful features as pigs do diamonds. Just because one has no use of it, does not mean nobody does. Uncut diamond is still a diamond that only waits to be perfected. Instead of throwing that diamond away, just because you are not sure how to bring out its potential, learn how to make it shine in the darkest of the light. Come on Blizzard, embrace your prodigal son called Flying, and make use of it, don't denounce it just because it refuses to listen to you all the time.

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