Monday, 2 June 2014

Body Types in WoW? Please?

It might be the recent Wildstar craze, maybe it is just me not being really impressed by anything connected to Warlords of Draenor since the announcement, that we might not set to the soaring skies of Draenor for the whole expansion. In any case, today I want to talk about the addition of different body types for all the playable races in World of Warcraft.

As Wildstar has clearly shown us, there are no real drawbacks to having different body types. head remains the same while the only thing that is changing is the bulk, the body. This would actually mean that we could reflect the lifestyle of our characters on their body. For example, a druid that spent thousands upon thousands of years in Emerald Dream would be on a more lean, if not straight anorexic side. On the other hand, a warrior that fought his whole life against various enemies and survived to tell the tale would be more muscular, a real tank if you will.

Maybe it would be best to just start listing one race after another and elaborate on the idea as I go. For starters, there would be three body types, heavy, medium, and light. The current "vanilla" body type each race has would be considered a different category depending on the race. The default orc model would fall in the medium category, because it was inspired by the grunt model from Warcraft III. While the default draenei model would fall in the heavy category, because they look like terminators.

First the humans. Medium type is a default body type. This means that heavy would be more round model, like the one aged Dalaran Wizards walking around in Old Hillsbrad Foothills are using. The light version would be toned down in comparison to the medium, less muscle mass, closer to the normal human being, more like default model of the male blood elves. Same for the human female model, the current would be medium, heavy would be round, and light would be more like female blood elves, graceful and half-starved.

Next, the orcs. Their medium type would be the default model. The heavy model would be even more muscular, if that is even possible, but what is more it would not be hunched, it would walk straight, no back problems. And the light model would be well, for the old and feeble, weak looking, hunched, and making you wonder why does he still live. You know, the twisted body of an old warlock. Female orcs do not have any back problems so their heavy version would be simply more muscular than the default medium, while the light version would be toned down, lean, to resemble a body of a hunter.

As for the Forsaken, since they were all human in their past lives, it is only reasonable they have the same body types as humans. So, the heavy version would have parts of dead mass weighting down on them, It might resemble abominations a bit with all that dead fat and meat, truly disgusting as befits a true forsaken. The light version, well, since there is no point in muscles in any case would be bare bones, Sort of the last stage of decomposition that Forsaken go through.

Heavy type of the night elves would would be more muscular, wider in waist, shoulders, and chest. The light version would go in the other extreme. It would be very lithe, skinny, to reflect the lifestyle of a hermit, of someone who did not eat for couple of thousands of years, someone who actually lived on the air alone. It would be not so extreme version of Raziel from Soul Reaver. Same for the female counterparts.

The heavy body type of the blood elves would resemble a lot to medium type of the night elves, more muscular. The light body type is fortunately already in the game, it is used by all of the Silvermoon City guards. As for the females, heavy body type would be more muscular, resembling the default body type of female night elves, the medium would be more plump, like the default human females, and the light body type would be the current female blood elf model.

Next are the Trolls. Another easy race to sort out. The current model would be medium, heavy model would borrow from the forest trolls, and would be bulkier, more muscular, while the light model would have a lot in common with the light model of the night elves, they are kin after all. Same thing for the females, it does not seem to really be a concern.

That leaves us with three small races, and four large races. As goes for the dwarves and gnomes, I would suggest only two body types the current let us say medium and one additional that would be heavy. It somehow seems wrong to have skinny dwarves and gnomes, they loose half their charm that way. Goblins on the other hand could have all three body types. Heavy for more fortunate members of the race, medium as the default model, and light for those that are not destined for any other greatness than dying deep in the mine by blowing themselves up.

Same problem with tauren and draenai. I cannot imagine more muscular or fat tauren or draenei. This would in my opinion be a heavy model as a default, while the lighter, skinnier version would be medium. In case of the draenei that means more like Velen. In case of tauren, imagine a classic version of Minotaur. Same thing for the Pandaren, their current model would be heavy, and there would only be medium version, for the youth that could not gain all the weight required to know true happiness, as pandaren would probably say.

The last, but not least are the worgen. And considering they are worgen I would limit them on two body types, of the humans. That means medium and light. You cannot really have a fat wolf, it somehow seems contrary to their nature. So, Gilneans are fit by default. Seems their curse has a good side and not just the bad side after all.

I think this concludes the examination of what body types would be available to each race. Of course this is something that could be later expanded upon, but in the first place would make the models much more diverse and not simply the stock option. It would enforce the immersion factor, as the given choices would actually imply the body type. Of course you could play against that, but for those of us who appreciate immersion it would be a welcome addition. So, dear reader, what are your thoughts on the possibility of having a body types in World of Warcraft?


  1. I agree! Great article! I read an article once as why so many men choose females characters as avatars and among the many reasons listed was that so many male characters in video games, especially in WoW, have one generic super hero body type that isn't realistic even compared to the typical busty female avatars. Take male humans for example. They are all body builder type body types (Draenei and Orcs are even bulkier) despite having all different types of bodies in the lore. This makes the characters less three-dimensional in terms of role play. All the males are built like Superman and you lose a lot of fun opportunities for different personalities with that. Imagine the options for role play when you could have a skinny rogue who uses their slight frame as an advantage or an overweight warrior always underestimated because of his physique. This opens up so much more depth to player character personalities which is a very integral part of the game even for players who don't role play. You become attached to your characters after years of play and the more customized they are, the more unique you feel. Plus I'd love to see some skinnier Pandaren!

    1. Uh... no skinny Pandren please. i would be scarred for life if I saw that.

    2. Uh... no skinny Pandren please. i would be scarred for life if I saw that.

    3. Uh... no skinny Pandren please. i would be scarred for life if I saw that.

  2. they should also add some age types too.