Monday, 6 January 2014

My Top 5 Most Anticipated Games of 2014 I Will Probably Play in 2015

As the New Year came and decided to stay with us until next year kicks in, and January is such a depressing month, I decided to put together a list of games I am looking forward to in 2014. Some of you are probably wondering, why am I mentioning 2015 when all the games come out in 2014. May I just add that for some reason, 2015 in my mind sounds like some year from Sci-fi books and movies.

There are couple of reasons in fact. I like to see if the game turns out to be everything that was promised. I like to get my games as cheap as possible. I do not like being the victim of a developer/publisher stunt that decided a bad and/or unfinished game is good game to ship. And with these days, when most games ship out only to be patched in first couple of months, it really is worth waiting. At least if you want a good experience with the game.

There have been exceptions. I have bought Guild Wars II on the insistence of my so-called friend. Pure ArenaNet fanboi if there was ever one. I will not say, what was said of Guild Wars II in their Manifesto video impressed me a lot. I was looking forward to the game on my own, although I had my doubts at their take at trying to change holy trinity. But I guess it did not impress my "friend" enough, as he bought an account from somebody who quit Guild Wars II a week after the release. But I digress. Let us look forward to the games that will make their debut in this year.

Lords of the Fallen
The game with no date, not even a quarter given, just that it comes out this year. No gameplay anywhere, no screenshots, no nothing. Just a trailer which is awesome. While it is well made, I was more impressed by the Paladin wrecking havoc and serving justice to his not so fortunate adversaries. What can I say, I love playing Paladin, and when the Paladin seems to be the protagonist, it is like a dream come true. The game is described as Action RPG, and internet decided it is going to be Dark Soul for noobs (probably not true). I am fine with that. I play RPG to finish it, not to get stuck at some boss and then quit.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
Open world, beautiful vistas, long white hair drenched in all kinds of monster blood and ooze, a witcher, and a pair of two-handed swords. Is there anything else you could wish for? I am sure you could, but Geralt and his adventures in shades of morally questionable world will do just fine until then. I am looking forward to Witcher for multiple of reasons, I enjoyed first, and second game immensely. I am yet to finish the second game, but this is how I do things. Slow. On my own. At my own pace.

Dragon Age: Inquisition
Dragon Age III is what this game would be called if the second instalment was not so bad. Now, Bioware is probably trying to distance this game as much as possible from Dragon Age II, and make it more in accordance with Dragon Age: Origins, the first game, that everybody and their grandmother seemed to love. Me too by the way. It is a return to Origins, you can play as either Human, Elf, Dwarf, and now even as Qunari, I think. The latter still seems a bit of a far fetch.

You will be an inquisitor, once again trying to unite the world, choose sides and then dish out as much of punishment as it is possible while solving every petty theft and trouble along the way. In much, it seems to be extension of the first expansion of Dragon Age: Origins, Awakening. You have your fortress, and village that you have to take care of. But most of all, I am just waiting to see with what nefarious scheme will Bioware/EA come up with in order to milk their fanbase. At times it seems as if they are trying to make a compelling argument why to pirate a game instead of buying it...

World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor
Fifth expansion, and the one where Ridiculous just called. it wanted time travel back, but Warlords of Draenor disagreed. I look forward to this, as we will be able to see what Outland was like before Orcs decided blowing up your planet is a good plan. This was an accident of course.

And now you know, why there are very few Orc Engineers. Because a few more, and Azeroth might suffer a similar fate. Some of you are laughing, but Goblins revel in explosions, to see the world burn and change its landscape, Gnomes love their lasers and radiaton, but Orcs.. Orcs are a different story. If they get the chance they would destroy the world, and not for the sake of destruction, but to see if they can do it.

In any case, we will once more fight against Orcs, this time they are brown instead of regular green. As I dislike those too good to be true brownies that at the end always muck up the things in any case, I look forward in beating their thick skulls with my Paladin's greatsword. There are also garrisons, new character models and many, many more. Most of all, I would love to see the arrogant smirk on my Blood Elf Paladin's face when he looks at the mirror, proclaiming the reflection is almost as beautiful as he is.

Indie game, puzzles, time-travel, big robots, beautiful world. There is not much more to say about the game without repeating myself. I already said everything I could about it here, and here. Now we only have to wait for it to come out. And then we can judge for ourselves what will be.

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