Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hearthstone: The New Wave of Nerfs

New update has come to Hearthstone, and this time it is full of nerfs. You can read about all changes on their forums, here I will just go through them on my own with my personal view about them.

First, let me start with nerf to Pyroblast. I am constantly confusing Flamestrike with Pyroblast. So when I saw that it cost went up from 8 mana to 10, I was excited. When I figured Pyroblast is the one that deals 10 damage I was a bit disappointed. It is a good change, but I think Flamestrike deserved the rise of cost much more than Pyroblast. While Pyroblast might end the game a lot sooner that you would think, Flamestrike is stupendously annoying beyond belief. Every time you have board control, at turn 7 you could be ready to lose all minions when playing against a mage. Flamestrike is momentum changer, and it really needs to cost more, or deal at least a bit less damage.

After the last nerf Unleash the Hounds received, it seems another change is coming. This one, a lot more fortunate. The cost of the card is being reduced to 2 mana. This means that Unleash the Hounds will in most situations benefit greatly from the buff decks that include Raid Leader, and Timber Wolf. This card is nest played when enemy has a lot of minions on board. So for five mana, you can get out in combination with Raid Leader and Timber wolf at least couple of 3/1 Hounds with charge that will be able to deal significant amount of damage, or even clear the board.

Everyone rejoice, Blood Imp got hit by a nerf and it got hit hard. All those murloc decks, are not so dangeours anymore. Blood Imp is now 0/1 for 1 mana. It is warlock's stealthed version of Young Priestess, which is still good, but not as good as it used to be. It used to give all friendly minions 1 health constantly, like a miniature version of Stormwind Champion without 1 added attack. Now, it only give 1 health at the end of turn to one random friendly minion. With that said, those rush murloc decks will now be much more vulnerable to AOE removals. On the other hand, Blood Imp could stay in game until very late in the game as you cannot attack him by default, you could buff him up and have him through the whole game just buffing the health of you other minions.

Abusive Sergeant and Dark Iron Dwarf went through a bit of streamlining, now they both read the same. "Battlecry: Give a minion +2 Attack until end of turn." Which is a nerf. in both cases. The previous buff of the Dark Iron Dwarf was permanent, while Abusive Sergeant could buff only friendly minions. It seems as if they traded among eachother's worst qualities. Now the both buffs last only until the end of the turn, and can be used on enemy minions as well.

Warsong Commander now gives charge only to minions with 3 or less attack, while the spell Charge, now gives a minions +2 attack and charge. All in all, Charge is now more versatile card. It could be argued, but I would consider this a slight buff, as it gives Warriors some form of passive board removal. Warsong Commander on the other hand is a nerf. Before it worked with anything, now only with what could be considered a week minions. Which, when we compare it to the new Charge, the latter is much better used in combination with weak minions, than the Warsong Commander.

Last, we have Novice Engineer that is now 1/1 for 2, Defender of Argus that is 2/3 for 4, and Sylvanas Windrunner that is now 5/5 for 6 mana and a deathrattle. Novice Engineer just become useless in my oppinion. With this change, if you need low cost card draw Loot Hoarder is much better option. It gives card on deathrattle, but it is 2/1 for 2. It is vulnerable to silence, but if enemy is willing to spend a silence on a worthless minion such as Loot Hoarder, they are welcome to do so. I would say this is a card value unto itself. Defender of Argus is slightly nerfed, 2/3 instead of old 3/3, but it still gives 1/1 to adjacent minions and taunt. This means, he is still a very good card, although, a bit less deadly. It is the same with Sylvanas. One mana up does not change much. She is still a good pick.

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