Tuesday, 3 December 2013

All Praise to Connected Realms

Normally a title would say A Week in Review, but currently things are going so well, that such blandness would be considered a grave offence, if not a sin. Last Wednesday, my realm of Daggerspine finally connected with three others. I will take this chance to welcome mighty warriors of Chromaggus, Shattered Halls, and Boulderfist. You guys are awesome, and bring MMO back into my RPG.

So, what got me so excited? Well, there is a prospect of bringing fresh blood to our guild. Which would be very good, and reignite our activity that recently all but stopped. We are old guild, I think we were formed somewhere around the start of Wrath, with only reforming once in the middle of Wrath of the Lich King. Ever since we were strong enough, and active enough to have two raiding teams. One twenty five for normals, and one ten man for heroic raids. Not so much in Pandaria.

What surprised me was the reinvigoration of trade chat. In past couple of months I found myself enjoying random trolls in trade chat, just for the simple pleasure of having trade chat active. It was long ago that trade chat on Daggerspine served any purpose. Mostly it just gathered dust.

Other thing that came back, was random PUG raids. This might seem weird to some, but to actually go and raid, where you have already been and done is not a common thing. We went and dealt mighty blow to Alliance, killing all their faction leaders. I joined, even if I already had the achievement, and you certainly do not get enough honour to be worth doing just for that.

I joined because the last time I was able to raid the Alliance capital was in Wrath of the Lich King. I wanted to see how we would swoop down from the sky and kill Varian with the Alliance only helplessly watching. We started in Stormwind where we killed Varian and Greymane. After that we moved to Ironforge via the Tram. After we dealt with the dwarven council, we went back to the Tram, and waited patiently for the ship that would take us to Darnassus to arrive.

This was the point where Alliance gave up. While they tried to defend Ironforge and Stormwind, nobody ever defends Darnassus and Exodar. I resent them for this. This is one achievement I will probably never accomplish. To kill at least five players in every Alliance capital. In any case, we put Tyrande to rest, while Malfurion just chilled around. This is something I could not fathom. Why would Malfurion just watch. Even more, why could we, Horde, not attack Malfurion? This brought me to thinking that Malfurion might actually be a Horde spy.

Besides our adventures in Alliance capitals, there is also a plethora of nostalgia raids. To gather a raid that would venture in Ulduar, or Icecrown is not a problem. Firelands seems to be a popular request as well. This certainly helps my efforts in finding a decent transmog for my Death Knight until I can afford Dreadnaught Pauldrons.

I also managed to participate in spontaneous roleplaying event. On a PvP server. Imagine my surprise. As I was goofing around Orgrimmar, I wanted to duel. I challenged the Death Knight, who was willing to play along. As we walked to the Gates of Orgrimmar, as you cannot duel within the city walls, we contemplated what is more powerful and where our power comes from. He defeated me, and we continued our contemplations on the nature of good, evil, strong, and weak. The two of us actually managed to get some crowd, who cheered either for one or the other. But most of all, it was fun little event, that we created just on our own. And we might have even inspired others to try and roleplay every now and then.

What I forgot to mention is that now, I can have up to forty four characters all on the same cluster of realms. I can send them gold, items, heirlooms. I can trade with people from other realms, we have common auction house. I already started making alts. My main realm is already full, but Chromaggus will host my, more shady characters. Those whose agenda dubious in the least.

I look forward to playing with all the new people that joined us on Daggerspine. It should be a great fun, and I might actually get all my Drakes sooner than I thought.

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