Thursday, 7 November 2013

DLC Quest

DLC Quest is tongue-in-cheek super mario style game that takes a poke at modern day practises of the gaming industry. We have all seen the practises of selling additional content in the form of a DLC, or some other way as buying an item for a F2P game from an item shop with real money. If it was just a poke the game took at the modern practises, I probably would not write about it here.

 It takes a machine gun and sets to deconstruct the abomination that grew on developers's or publishers's greed. It is a comical critique of what should have never come to pass, but is still a common practise anyway. All from buying hats, additional armour, better weapon, additional quests, and zones, to special items that let you progress further into the game.

It makes fun out of advertising of other games or company inside of the game where that is absolutely immersion-breaking. While we are here, I doubt there ever was a game where advertising of the company or other games worked well inside of a game without breaking the immersion.

DLC Quest comes in two parts. First part, or game, is DLC Quest. The second part is Live Freemium or Die. The premise of the game is, that you are an adventurer, the bad guy steals the princess, and you set out to rescue. But to actually be able and save the princess, you need better equipment, weapons, armour for your horse, maybe a hat, why not a sword, while you are at it why don't you explore that place on the left even though the villain went right? It is only fifty coins after all.

The tombstone belongs to one of Shepherd's sheep
Not just that though. To get somewhere you need to buy even most basic DLC packs. To go left, to jump, to pause, to exit the game. It is all monetizable, and just waiting for you. If you have the right amount of gold coins that is.

And then you set out to collect all the coins and buy all the necessary DLC. While, of course you need sexy pack DLC. How would you not? It is sexy pack DLC featuring the princess in a bikini. Nobody can resist something like that. But the princess will not be the only one wearing a bikini. Everyone will wear it, Shepherd, Merchant, the long lost brother of the Merchant, and Blacksmith.

But if DLC Quest made fun of companies, then the Live Freemium or Die gives the players a chance to be teased as well. This time, the villain is one who warned you in the first game, not to harm his sheep. Yet you still went and slaughtered every single one in order to see what would happen if you did so. Mission accomplished, you are the sole reason that drove Shepherd into the clutches of villainy and madness. Are you happy?

No? That is not enough? Well, for the right amount of gold coins the Merchant has a DLC just waiting for you. And in that second part, Live Freemium or Die focuses on the players and the amount of crap they are at times willing to take.

Yes it is a boss fight, yes he is throwing hats at me
In all, DLC Quest is relatively short game that can probably be over in well under two hours. But it is a game full of charm, and spunk of how games should do business. DLC Quest makes a compelling argument why DLC is bad for games, why cash shops are immersion breaking, and why all of practises like that should have no place in our medium.

After all, you do not see a movie selling five minute excerpts as and additional content, nor do books sell additional, pages that were torn out from the first edition. Can you even imagine a sculptor trying to sell a chipped hand of the statue, that can be attached at will?

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